The World’s Female Jockey Pendleton to Talk about Her Last Performance

Victoria_Pendleton_2011Victoria Pendleton is making his victory in horse riding race. Her fans who are adored her called her as Victoria the Queen. Actually, she has undergone hard times in the last tournament she had. The career track of Victoria Pendleton should be greatly appreciated. It is proven by her victory in Olympics for two times. In addition, she has successfully reached 9 titles of championship in horse riding of the World. It takes a golden career when she was in the first rank in London Olympics 2012. On Thursday’s performance, she made herself as the amateur horse rider on the turf track.
In the end of the performance of new burry Racehorse, she was placed in number 8 rank of 11 jockeys on the event. She had to compete with those horse rider experts, including the legend, Mark Todd from New Zealand. On that event, her lovely horse named Mighty Mambo made a surprising performance different from the usual attractions. She was going too slow and making some stops on the field until she finished the race. After having intensive training, Mouth is able to give satisfying performance to Pendleton as she has experienced many things to ride the horse in the race.
“The race finished in a quick time and I just can’t imagine that I will have so much fun at that time. You know it is very exciting when your horse runs fast and gets more spirit to the race” said her. “It is like I have built an emotional binding with my horse and It just naturally happens. I think it is such a good relationship when you can make a good teamwork during the tournament”, told her clearly about the close relationship with her ride. She is very excited to explain about her career life in horse riding.
Pendleton starts her first debut in her career when she takes the chance to join in UK Company’s challenge. She was directed to be an amateur horse rider for her first race at the Festival of Cheltenham. She was coached by Yogi Bresner at that time and he successfully took her to the Oxford shire to continue her career as the horse rider career. On the other hand, she had very thankful greeting to say that she had a lot of chances to meet so many incredible people during her career as the horse reader since his first career.
She was happy to see so many people and make friends with them. Now, she is in the plan to raise her career by joining in the next competition. She has a good spirit as an athlete that she prepares everything by herself, including to give a bath to her horse. She wants to get the worthy medals from the Olympics that she ever had like the two gold from the tournament. The other horse players put an appreciation towards her as she can make it her career bright. She is now preparing herself to be a professional horse rider in the world.

Tiger Woods’s Sayings for not giving up from the Injured Pain

Tiger Wood’s career should undergo such a long frightening stream which is affected to his missing chances in United States Open for his 80 number in last month’s play. He did not mean to end his play just like that. It might be the hard times for Woods as he does not break any record in the last eight years recently. Well, the impact comes to his career as the golf player that should be drowned to be in more than 200 ranks in the world. This pitiful career should be undergone because of his injury and bad performance he did.
Talking about St. Andrew’s Open, he optimistically can make it. For your information, he in the process of re –establishing his swing technique and he got himself can do the best for the match. He also obviously said that he is still able to make it and he has thrown the pain of the injury away of him. “People might think that I suffer a lot and I’m finished already. But the reality is I’m standing here well”. He continued, “I really like to play, to compete with others and to join in this competition. It is all just to make can’t wait to see it”.
He is asked about the retirement and he calmly answered, “I does not own the retirement card right now as you can see that it does not on my concern at all”. “Now, I am in the process of recovering myself from the surgery and I feel alright”. Then he added that most of the athletes have to get recovery for more than one year, but it just needs six months for him to get recovered from the pain that he can feel. “During my recovery process, I always try to have the best swing I ever made”.
“Then, it means that I have to work two times harder to fix anything I can do in less than one year”, said Woods. His expectation to join in this year’s St. Andrew is very overwhelming. It reminds him in 2005 and 2000 which was the golden career in playing golf. “I really get so enthusiast to join again in this Open, I am in the preparation of my comeback” told him. Then he added that it misses the atmosphere in playing golf like he ever did in 1995 that he was able to have special performance.
During his preparation to come back again joining the Open, he stated that he will played as good as he can. Furthermore, he does not have any intention to kick the major golf player, Jack Nicklaus to hit his position of his track career. He just wants to feel the atmosphere in playing golf. The other players really appreciate his effort to come back. Then, they will welcome him to play and feel the excitement in swinging the golf stick at the tournament. They expect that his hard efforts will pay him off and he can do his best on the tournament.

2015 British Open: Bernhard Langer Who Still Be Faithful to His Career

A story of Bernhard Langer’s family history in twelve years before he was birth to the world starts from Bernhard Langer’s father who used to be a German Army’s courier in the past. It happened when the World War II was beginning. Eventually, because of the conflict, he was forced to move to a train to be a convict in the camp of convicts. His father was then trying to escape from the train for the sake of his freedom at that night. “Unfortunately, he got caught by the Russian troops and they shot the bullet to him, but none of the bullets were going to him”, said Langer.
Langer ever had a chance to join in military Air Force when he was nine teen years old. Then, he prefers to develop his golf career which starts to rise in that age. When his career was rising in very early age as the golf athlete, he had an injury on the back. This condition has made him for impossibly continuing his career as the golf player. “I had a backbone fracture and I was hospitalized for almost two months”, said him. “That time I was pessimistically able to play golf anymore,” added him.
“This year I turn to fifty eight years old and I think it’s such a miracle that I have been through 4 decades to play golf”, Langer expresses his happiness. Surprisingly, he is able to continue his career while he did not have to have surgery for his injury. He stated then that he will attend St. Andrew’s British Open to show his performance. However, the fans could not be sadder to say good bye as he plans to retire himself from his career as the golf player during four decades as the legend of golf player.
The career of Langer begins to rise when he won Greer Jacket Master for two times and it is continued by the runner up of British Open for times as well. Langer then admitted that the ability of playing golf comes from his family’s habit since he was little. He stated that his parents had lots of interests to play golf and any games available. He was a poor guy and he got his golf career when he was teens. At that time, his brother willingly paid for his gold course as he had to ride a bike to work as a caddy.
Seeing the happiness of his brother working as a caddy, he followed his brother then. He thought that he could buy something sweets like teens liked to do. He did admit that at first he worked as a caddy for money. However, it did not take long time to make him get around with golf. It made him join at the local school as he would have more time for playing golf. His efforts came fruitfully when he successfully won in the game that led them to be the most influencing golf player in the world up to now.

The Fear of Kaka about ‘Brazil’s Great Play’ in Copa America 2015

kaka-brazilAgen Bola – Today’s issue is about Kaka who is being highlighted in his career reveals about his fear of Brazil’s play in Copa America 2015. It is such a predictable thing that only outstanding player that brings the grasp of support from the supporters and viewers. This time Kaka has got experienced in so many soccer matches bringing the proud of Brazilian as the success of his career when the other ones are going down. Watching the career of Brazil’s Selecao lead itself into the dark as it is been a year since it was kicked out of last year’s Copa America following the torn apart World Cup’s career.
He stated that Brazil is putting lots of efforts to raise its good will right now. He then pointed out about the initial problem of its career which starts from domestic national league. Right now, Brazil is trying to proof to the people that it may revive itself to be one of World’s influencing soccer powers. Meanwhile, it is reported by FIFA that Brazil is the country that had the most international transfer soccer player in 2014. However, this activity brings a problem to Brazil itself to its soccer career in the following matches.
He then added that most of Brazilian’s influencing soccer players are matching in Europe so that there are no players to rely on. The example cases are, Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho and Dani of Barcelona. The thing to fear is about the way of playing which is slightly messed up there to him. It is a difficult situation for Brazil as no organization’s layout available so that no body meeting the ideas each other. He thought that people in the organization have too much concern about how the future will be in a short thought for the sake of Brazil’s goodwill to the world.
The Suffer of National Team
Seeing the career of Kaka who had successfully brought the thorny of World Cup in 2002 does not make Brazil want to return the name. Furthermore, the issue when Brazil was fired from its match did take the world’s attention off. Everybody must have been shocked to hear it. The impact is then going to the it’s national team as the great players have been moving to Europe. In this case, Kaka admitted that he is a fan of Brazil and he always gives the best support for his country even though he cannot interfere the organization to fix it.
A Brand New Day for Brazil
The success of Brazil’s soccer career to the world takes another story from Dunga. He used to be the coach who had already an outstanding career track eight years ago. However, it get worse when he did wrongdoing five years ago as he walked out during the quarter final in World Cup. Kaka then commented that it is the brand new day of Brazil that should be through. However, he who is preparing himself with the team expects that Brazil can revive itself to prove the quality as the biggest influencing soccer players to the World to fix its career track.

2015 British Grand Prix Won by Lewis Hamilton

lewis-hamiltonGeorge Lucas who is one of Silverstone VIP guests could not be happier to share his impression after watching the British Grand Prix 2015. The race had been successfully done with the champion, Lewis Hamilton. This championship had undergone several experiences as he had to overlap duo William at the injury time of the race. Also, this driver of Mercedes Benz needed to stay struggling under the rain of British. Great efforts to win made by Hamilton made him the people give their applause for his victory in the match. The race is taken out so great by him in such an unpredictable race.
This champion of Hamilton leads him to have British Grand Prix race winner for three times as well as seasonal race for five times. Actually, he had successfully taken 17 points to be the winner over his rival, Nico Roseberg. This race takes Sebastian Vettel as the second runner up then. The Champion of British Grand Prix 2015 said that he was very glad as the winner of the race.  He then told about the efforts in injury time trying to steal the position to be the winner. Eventually, his car has been already successful to set the finish line.
The Glad One Hamilton
He was in the fourth corner at that time. Then, he continued his story that he was having a dramatic struggle in the beginning of the race. His car was blocked by duo William who is Valtteri Bottas and Velipe Massa. In such situation he still keeps going on to go after them. Fortunately, he was able to escape from the block and reached the third position at the beginning of the race. All of what he uttered is expressed overwhelmingly as his feeling to be the champion in British Grand Prix 2015 for the first position.
Dramatic Condition
After being stopped on lap 19, then Hamilton might continue his race getting back to the circuit to and make the galloped race ever. Duo Williams actually needed to give a respond of Hamilton’s overlapping act on lap 21. However, in the end, Hamilton may go overlapping the two and pushing himself to be the winner of the race. He also revealed that he had hard times against the weather of British. It was going to dark at that time and he begged to rain not falling hard at the race. Fortunately, the rain is coming so hard when he had successfully reached the line.
Great Luck
The struggle of Hamilton to be the winner of British Grand Prix 2015 was appreciated by Toto Wolff. He praised the way of him in controlling the steering wheel in a well-managed emotion on the road and also he could successfully fit the time to get the championship. On the other hand, he keeps expressing his happiness over his victory at that time. His fans are waiting for him after he had done the interview with the media. The next race must be another challenge for Hamilton to show its ability in car racing to his fans.

Lewis Hamilton May be the Next’s World Race Championship

lewis-hamiltonThe World has already known about the track record made by Michael Schumacher during his career as the F1 racer. In his one decade career, he is noticed to get the World’s Race Championship for 7 times. Meanwhile, the story of Lewis Hamilton career track is the hot issues among the people. Then, the speculation is created that Hamilton could steal the position of Schumacher in the side of career track. It is uttered by the one of the biggest racer in British. The success in 2008 and 2015 for the champion in 2015 British Grand Prix is something that should have a deep consideration.
He is Nigel Mansell who optimistically utters that Hamilton may follow the career track of Schumacher. This 1992’s British Grand Prix championship added that the record is getting closer to break the position of Schumacher. However, all the expectation may come true as long as he gets support from his company, Mercedes and he keeps pushing himself to do the best thing he can do. Mansell put a big expectation to Hamilton as the other racers still cannot hit the position of Schumacher with all killed championship in 5 years. People cannot be more proud of his victory.
He stated that Hamilton has the chance to win the next three World’s Championship to break the record. “He has been going in the middle, so he needs three times more to win the record. And he must make it this year as well”, said Mansell. He added, “If the company (Mercedes) is able to keep its regulation and Hamilton keeps pushing himself to be focused. I think those things may lead him to win the record”. Mansell does very confident to utter that Hamilton is reliable to win the championship for next five years to break the history.
It is known that Hamilton goes to 30 years old this year and he has the remaining years to break the history of World’s Race Championship. If only he get it, then he will be in the same age in breaking the record as Schumacher made it. Mansell throws his compliment against Lewis Hamilton again, “I know his feet comes to make the World recognize him. He is a great icon for F1”. “Moreover, he is supported by the well-known car automaker and he is in the process to reach the World’s position right now like Schumacher already did in advance”.
Mansell then tells about the difference condition between the races in the past and present. He uttered that Hamilton had a unique thing inside himself to his supporters and fans. “He is one of a kind that can be similar to the racer in two decades era in advance” “It is all different between the past and the present condition like you know the atmosphere is even different at all”. He puts his expectation over Hamilton as he can make his position as the same as Schumacher did in his career track. Hamilton is predicted to be the next Schumacher in his career.